The Team

Vicente Noviello. Filmmaking.

Filmaker based in Edinburgh. Vicente took charge of the whole production and postproduction of the film. He has participated in the film making of several documentaries and other projects.

Efrain Zarazua. Synthetic Biology.

PhD student in Molecular and Structural Biology at The University of Edinburgh. Interested in the usage of Synthetic Biology tools to engineer bacterial nano-capsules and their potential use in the nano-biotechnology industry.

Samuel Casasola. Plant Biology.

PhD student in Molecular Plant Sciences. In my PhD, we are looking at how plant defend themselves from bacteria and other pathogens. Also, I am interested in the application of new technology to address everyday problems.

Alvaro de Obeso. Protozoology.

PhD candidate in Biomedical Sciences. I am in the last stages of getting my degree as I have successfully defended my thesis named: Protein secretion and encystation in Acanthamoeba.

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