The Journey

Hunting MicroMosters is a scientific documentary that tells the story of an expedition led by PhD students from the University of Edinburgh and funded by the university to characterise the microbial diversity in iconic Scottish lochs.

Expedition dates 03/19/2018 to 03/23/2018

The expedition took place from Monday 19th until Friday 23rd of March 2018. Departing from King’s Building campus (University of Edinburgh) at 10 A.M.


The map below shows the main destinations visited.

full map


full map zoom route

Kings Building Campus, University of Edinburgh

Loch Lomond. Sampling site 1

Glen Nevis, Basecamp and laboratory

Loch Ness (north-east border). Sampling site 2

Loch Ness (Fort August). Sampling site 3


Throughout the journey, we have been supported by the university, our supervisors, science communication experts, 4X4 Hire Scotland, several scientific companies and friends.

We are looking forward to the end of this process to be able to see and share the experience.

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