Expedition Log Day 3

One more day hunting for micromonsters, we are getting closer to answers.
After sampling Loch Lomond and Loch Ness the previous days, today was different. We woke up to a very Scottish beginning of spring, gloomy and rainy. After performing some adjustments to make the filming equipment waterproof, we went to Glennfinnan the place where the project originated. Around a year ago, Samuel went on a trip to the Highlands. He collected some samples. In the lab, Alvaro isolated a very small amoeba from the collection tube from Glenfinnan. It was a new species: Allovahlkampfia minuta. Then, an idea arose, and Hunting MicroMonsters was born.
After visiting the Glenfinnan viaduct and monument, we came back since we had plenty of work to do in the lab. We have finally started the sequencing of lambda (a small virus that infects bacteria) that will help us know that the MinION is working correctly. Right now, it is 9:47 pm, and we are still working. We should have treated our samples and isolated DNA from them before resting.
We are extracting the DNA found in our samples. Then, the MinION will read the DNA, and we will get all the information hidden inside the genes of the microorganisms found in our sample. However, this information will be scrambled, which means the data will be processed and ordered by software. Once the information is processed, we will know which micromonsters are found in our samples and the lochs. With this information, we should be able to identify proteins that perform in cold weather; we could characterise the microbial ecology of the lochs, or we could even potentially help establish how different organisms are related through evolution studies.
We really are getting closer to answers and hunting the micromonsters.

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