Expedition Log Day 2

Minus 6 ˚C in the camping site. 0 ˚C inside the caravan. Pipes frozen. No water, shower or coffee for us today. The day got better afterwards.
After a late start of the day due to the technical problems in the caravan we departed towards Loch Ness. Looking to find the best spot to take samples, we drove all the way to Lochend at the north of the Loch. We regret to inform that we were not able to see Nessie or collect any samples at the time. The location proved inadequate for sampling as the shore is only rocks. Rookie mistake. We kept going north towards the capital of the Highlands, Inverness. We had a wee walk, heard Robert King music, and had a late lunch outside the castle. We drove back towards Fort Augustus where it was Efrain’s turn to get in the water (he really needed a bath, we all do). With the water nearly freezing (2 ˚C), the clock about to reach 6, and Efrain’s legs purple looking, we had finally collected proper samples.
We are just arriving in the caravan. We are glad to say water is back, Vicente is cooking a delicious Italian pasta, and we should get a good night of sleep. Tomorrow we are going to Glenfinnan, probably get closer to Ben Nevis, and have a long lab session to start uncovering the micromonsters hidden in Loch Ness! ADO

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